Privacy policy

Our privacy policy is simple: any information you give us stays with us. We do not rent, sell, lend, or otherwise distribute your personal information to anyone for any reason. This includes your contact and credit card information, as well as specific order information.

We limit data access to those who need to know

Within our organization, your personal data is accessible to only a limited number of employees with specific access privileges. Although we may, from time to time, compile general demographic information based on your order, this information is shared within our organization only and has no identifiable personal data associated with it.

We may offer you the opportunity to opt in to specific services, such as email specials, but OutsideIn does not use unsolicited direct email as a marketing tool. Any mailings that we send out to our customers include instructions for being removed from our list.

Questions? Contact us!

If you have any questions about how OutsideIn protects your privacy and keeps your personal data secure, please feel free to email us at [email protected].